Zoot Suit Riot Essay

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Through his constant interjections during the courtroom scene, and his final confrontation with the reporter at the conclusion of the play he points out the injustices that Mexican-Americans had to endure.

El Pachuco highlights each point in which the court discriminates or treats the Zoot Suiters unfairly.

Through the creating and making of language one can fully express and articulate the distress and trauma that many endure without the complete understanding of others. high-wage workforce was an unprecedented leap forward for Chicana worker equality.

Authors such as Toni Morrison write traumatic stories with a connection to poetics and strong narratives in order to captivate readers and evoke strong The promotion of women to the workplace was apparent in WWII, but the zoot suit movement of young [email protected] forming their own unique society and social empowerment through fashion was less conspicuous. Chicanas worked along-side white men, while maintaining proud Chicana, neither American nor Mexican, roots.

Plays such as A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry and Zoot Suit by Luis Valdez describe the discrimination these people have experienced throughout American history.

Zoot Suit Riot Essay

These plays are great reads and can show people who aren't aware of the issue just how tough it has been for Mexican-Americans and African-Americans.Restricting the Zoot Suitors from adjusting their appearances puts them at a disadvantage; instead of looking upright individuals, they are dirty urbanites.Similarly, El Pachuco intervenes again when the court asks that the suspects rise when their names were called in court.During WWII and strong base that the US and England tried to follow.The Only problem was that with desperate times desperate measures have to be placed.His presence in this scene is pivotal for educating the audience about the prejudice and misrepresentation of Mexican-Americans in court at the time.During the courtroom scene, the Zoot Suiters did not have access to clean clothes or haircuts, which severely altered the way in which the judge and the jury viewed the Pachucos while in court.It is what became to be known as the Zoot Suit Riots.To understand the Mexican community’s point of view of their treatment during the riots, one first needs to know how the Mexican community became established in Los Angeles along with contributing factors that heightened the general public’s hatred United States.Progress has been made however; the civil rights movement saw the end of racist laws against African-Americans(such as An aspect of the play that I feel was an important theme of the story was racism and how pachucos were discriminated against.The Zoot suit riots took place in Los Angeles, California during the 1940's and WWII.


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