Writing A Phd Thesis Introduction

Writing A Phd Thesis Introduction-5
” then the hypothesis would be “There is no statistically significant relationship between TCK of Iranian EFL learners and their ICS.” Only use null hypotheses. Limitation could be the limit number of samples, being a sample out of reach, and so on.

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Now take a look at the content of each section: In this section, introduce the subject you have studied.

and master’s thesis” we discussed every five chapters of a thesis briefly. Generally, You should adhere to the format of numbering subtitles.

Show that according to other researches and papers there was a gap and you tried to fill that gap.

Statement of the problem (SOP) has fiver smaller parts which are: As you can see, SOP would be five to six paragraphs, and each paragraph has a clear aim.

There is a difference between the two gaps in SOP and in the introduction.

The gap in the introduction is a broader gap, while in SOP you need to clarify it in details. Prove that your study is significant for the major, other researches, and some other specific people related to the field of study (name them). Those two are often mixed up, so make sure to have that distinction clear.To achieve that goal, you’ll have to figure out who the audience of the conference is and you adjust text accordingly.You can use them as a proof of the significance of your study.State that by this research what you are looking for, and what you expect to reveal.In this section, answer to the research questions which are stated in the previous part.For example, if one of the questions is “Is there any statistically significant relationship between TCK and IS of Iranian EFL learners? In order to write a theoretical definition, you need to scan related papers and find the the keywords are defined in your research. Every researcher face some limitation during the research process.For example by focusing on the methodology or by emphasizing the value of your work.November might be over, but we know your thesis is still there.See what questions they have and address them in the text.Don’t worry if you get comments like this: Put it in a draw, have a break, now go back to it. Then work on connecting ideas, and paragraphs, using transition words.


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