Writing A Concept Paper For A Project

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What is more captivating is that the writer focuses on the details in the numbers (70 million people living with 7RMB per day per person).

When you give such facts, it shows that you have done thorough research.

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Your number one goal should be to communicate the concept in the best way possible so that the goals and benefits are clear.

Writing A Concept Paper For A Project Essay On Prohibition Of Smoking

If applying for funding, ensure that your mission and that of the sponsor is the same.Therefore, you should clearly state your goals and the problem you intend to solve.Remember, the concept paper’s purpose includes generating interest from others (potential sponsor or partners), finding solutions to a problem or need area, and acting as the foundation of your research proposal.Here, your goal is to show how your approach is unique, innovative, distinctive and the best solution. Goal/objectives What is your desired end or aspiration?You should clearly state the measurable outcomes that will help you accomplish the goal. For example, your goal could be So, how do you intend to provide a viable solution or answer to the need or knowledge gap?As you can see with the sample concept paper by ICRC/RCSC, the goal of the project is evident.In the next section, your goal is to define the need or purpose of your research idea clearly.Researchers requesting California Department of Education (CDE) data for research/evaluation purposes must attach a Research/Evaluation Concept Paper to the Preliminary Data Request Web Form.The paper should be brief (maximum of five pages using 12 point Arial font) and must provide a clear and concise summary of the research/evaluation project.Like most academic papers, a concept paper has a particular order.Here are some of the factors to consider when writing a concept paper The title gives your reader/audience an idea of what your project or research is all about.


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