William Faulkner Descriptive Essay

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Interestingly enough, Faulkner never finished high school.

He gained his skilled writing from reading many books and an interest in writing early in his life.

Most essays written about the book focus on either the ideas that the mother is egotistical, cold, selfish or that the daughter retrogressive, impure, and soiled.

Faulkner blames the decay of the family unit on the daughter Caddy’s virginity and the loss of her purity.... ] - William Faulkner is the author of many famous titles.

- A Rose for Emily is a short story wrote by William Faulkner.

This story has five central characters Miss Emily Grierson, Tobe, the town’s people, Miss Emily Grierson’s father and Homer Barron.

Miss Emily Grierson from the narrative is the main character.

Emily is a black old Southern woman that is all about time staying still and about being in control....

Even after she lets a man into her life, she doesn’t treat him like a normal woman would.

In order to maintain Emily’s reputation, the townspeople do everything they can to cover up for her strange actions that she does out of loneliness....


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