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Today begins a three part series on building a successful business plan as a photographer.The topic deserves its own full book, but hopefully these essays will give those of you just starting out a primer on things you need to consider when turning your hobby into a profession.

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It’s just a quick introduction which you will expound on later in the document. Whatever it is that you sell, create a comprehensive list here. Of course that sounds simple at first, but can also keep you up a night or two.

Also note that, in the process of writing this document, you may want to start with the questions below then come back to writing your company description at the end once you’ve narrowed your focus throughout the following sections. I mean, who knew they needed Google until it was invented.

Your wedding is going to be one of the greatest times of your life.

With it's rustic foliage of vivid reds and golds, the fall season is the perfect backdrop for you and your family and friends to share in your big day.

Let’s say you want to be a commercial advertising photographer and you have developed a niche for shooting super saturated imagery.

Next step would be to get a sense of whether the market you inhabit can sustain that business model.

Where would you place yourself among that pool of photographers? How is your product differentiated from your competition? It’s one thing to be willing to undercut another photographer’s prices to win a bid, but if you’re not booking enough volume to make it a sustainable business, you’re not going to be successful.

Likewise, if you’re selling based on quality, you must first assure that you’re marketing to an audience that values quality.

You need to know that there are enough customers in the area willing to pay that price in order to consistently generate revenue.

In Part II of building our business plan, we will move from the prose to the poetry and look into the deeper motivations behind your product and how you can focus those motivations to shape your business.


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