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Since the Viking males were recognized for their masculinity, homosexuality was equated with cowardice.Historical sources suggest that divorce was very common and that it was very easy to obtain one.

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Further, many historical events are associated with Vikings, but these events aren't the main topic of this article.

Here, the Viking's way of life will be examined more closely.

The predominant Viking domestic group comprised of a man and wife and their children.

Extended families were not as common as nuclear families.

Although Vikings considered a husband's adultery as a crime as well, it seems likely that this law usually did not apply to him.

Homosexual relations were recognized as a social phenomena.The rune stones left from the Viking age show that the Vikings had a bilateral kinship system.Inscriptions on memorials erected by men (to their relatives) included the names of the wife or mother of a dead man.When talking about marriage, love and emotions did not have any particular role within the Viking culture.Instead, marriage was nothing but a commercial contract between two people with a similar social status.On the other hand, women's fathers could not initiate the arrangement, but had to wait for a suitor to appear instead.If a wife was caught in adultery, it was considered that she committed a serious crime and, as such, her husband had the “right" to kill her and her lover.Sometimes a husband's name was included (when commemorating the husband's wife), etc.Women had a right to inherit, although the sons had a stronger claim on inheritance than their sisters.On the other hand, daughters had priority over their grandfathers and uncles.Women also inherited the land from any children who died without successors.


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