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The Ionian Sea will allow you to get acquainted with marine life.

Also consider that there is a very rich club life here.

All, the resorts of Greece can be conditionally divided into continental and island.

If you want to rest on the mainland, then welcome to Chalkidiki or the Peloponnesian Peninsula. Most often a trip to Greece on the mainland means trips to Chalkidiki. It is more suitable for recreation with children of secondary school age – they will be interested to get acquainted with the antique sights.

Here is why you should spend your vacation in Greece Where it is best place to spend vacations in Greece?

In fact, you can relax here almost anywhere – it will still be quality, sunny, fun and tasty, but, of course, different resorts have their own differences.During these days, a large number of pilgrims rushes to the island of Tinos, one of the islands of the Cycladic archipelago, where the temple of the Blessed Virgin Tina is located, and also to the island of Kefalonia, famous for its miraculous icons of Panagia Fidousa in the village of Markopoulo.Enumeration of all the places in Greece can be infinite.If you were given an assignment to write a summer vacation essay, you can always write about how you spent your holidays in Greece.Greece is a country that can conquer anyone from the first minutes of seeing it.Nowhere else in the world will you find so much natural diversity, so many cultural monuments and various attractions, centered on a relatively small area.There are seas and mountains, beaches and ski runs, ancient Acropolis and modern shopping and entertainment centers, sanctuaries of ancient Greek gods, and Orthodox shrines of world significance.If you are planning your holiday, and do not know where to spend it, be sure to pay attention to this unique country where there are endless possibilities for an unforgettable stay.The favorable climate of the Mediterranean, the chic sandy beaches and the clear waters of the three seas make it possible to sunbathe and swim for six months a year.It’s hard to believe, but in Greece, one of the southernmost countries of Europe, there are first-class ski resorts where you can practice winter sports from the middle of December until the very end of March.The nature of Greece is fascinating, there are mountains and plains, seas and picturesque rivers, centuries-old pine forests and unique olive groves.


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