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For her essay entitled “, place) is defined as an imagined world in which everything is bad.Common themes include government surveillance, poor living standards, totalitarian regimes, brainwashing, concealing of information, class dichotomies (particularly with a clear distinction and repression of the mass by the elite), police brutality, and status crimes.” (Nyman) It is common for utopias to fall short of their ideals or conceal dark secrets that would throw the once utopian society into complete chaos, dissolving into a dystopia.The Dauntless manifesto says that they believe in “ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another.” However, in practice, the Dauntless are redefining their definition of bravery as complete fearlessness and begin to value obedience over courage.

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Although the idea of a utopian society can be briefly imagined, this society could not sustain itself due to the unpredictable nature of life. utopia is rooted in theory, it will not always work.

In fact, more is written about the failure and impossibility of utopia than of its success, probably because the ideal has never been reached.” (Eck) Although we desire a world free of conflict and pain, it will never actually be achieved.

Unfortunately, Divergents are hunted, instead of celebrated, for their diversity of thought, and ideology.

Also unfortunate is that the factions begin to enact changes which contradict their core values and ideals.

But the test is not always able to decisively place someone into any one faction.

These “divergent” cases are considered rare and dangerous to the order of the society because of their inability to conform.

A quote from Margaret Atwood states “within every dystopia, there’s a little utopia.” Evidence of the truthfulness of that statement can be found in the following quote from Veronica Roth, the author of the popular dystopian novel, was my utopian world. as I began to build the world, I realized that it was my utopia.” She could recognize the utopian ideals of her own fictional world.

However, her utopia may be described as dystopian, considering that the world is not as peaceful and perfect as it initially seems.

Prior to the events that take place in the novel the factions have been able to live in peace for many years as each one plays its role in society; thus successfully creating a utopian aesthetic.

The faction, Abnegation, values selflessness and constantly concerns themselves with serving others.


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