Type A Vs Type B Personality Essay

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In disagreeing with Friedman and Rosenman theories which suggest that Type B personality cannot easily get annoy and also that type A personality were three times more likely to suffer heart disease than type B, not all the type A persons suffer heart disease.

For example, most people are type B, but they are not competitive, stressful, worried and hard to annoy, but have heart disease due to smoking or drinking alcohol or accident.

For example, it is nature and social predicament at early days that lead to drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and other drugs mistreatment in adolescent years (Cooley, 2009).

Consequently, the rate of health inconvenience and premature death has increased significantly because of smoking and drinking alcohol.

These symptoms might be accompanies by emotion of sadness or anxiety resulting from loss of self-esteem and fear of permanent brain damage in persons in organisation (World Health Organisation, 1992). They are hardly overstressed, and when feeling pressure they lean to be positive than negative.

One of the strongest arguments against Friedman and Rosenman theories are the difference between type A and B personality. It is clearly that Type B persons do not mind driving behind an unhurried car.

The research carried out by Friedman and Rosenman, 1974 in (Buchannan and Huczynski, 2010) shows that smoking and alcohol are relate to a number of personality behaviours such as, disobedience, ferociousness, estrangement, impulsivity, and low confidence.

However, those individuals with such specific personality take bigger risk with their health and could die early.

Moreover, many researchers argue that, is not only two-type of personality.

A personality type is very broad and many, for example, type C and D personalities.


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