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Laurence Sterne was, with two sisters, the only “permanent child” (to borrow a pleasant phrase of Mr.Traill’s) out of a very plentiful but most impermanent family, borne in the most inconvenient circumstances possible by Agnes Nuttle or Herbert or Sterne, a widow, and daughter or stepdaughter of a sutler of our army in Flanders, to Roger, second son of Simon Sterne of Elvington, in Yorkshire, who was the third son of Dr. The Sternes were of a gentle if not very distinguished family, which, after being seated in Suffolk, migrated to Nottinghamshire.

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The novel demonstrates Sterne’s interpretation of the personal identity through the construction of each of his unique characterisations.But it is these unlucky letters which put him almost hopelessly out of court.Even the slight relenting of fortune which gave him at last, in Mr.Perhaps it may be accounted for, reasonably enough, by supposing that of his later years he thought his daughter knew quite as much as he wished her to know, while of the middle period he had little or nothing to tell.In fact, of the two earlier divisions we still know very little but what he has chosen to tell us in one of the most characteristic and not the least charming excursions of his pen.The term “identity” is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “blah blah blah”.This concept can be viewed as personal and individual to one’s self, and is distinguished as an umbrella term to attributes such as; consciousness, heritage, name, appearance, and the soul.But that she must have been either a very silly, a very stupid, or an excessively callous person, appears certain.It would seem, indeed, to require a combination of the flightiness and lack of taste which her father too often displayed, with the stolidity which (from rather unfair inference through Mrs.Percy Fitzgerald, a biographer very good-natured, very indefatigable, and with a natural genius for detecting undiscovered facts and documents, only made matters worse in some ways.And the consequence is, that it has become a commonplace and almost a necessity to make up for praising Sterne’s genius by damning his character.


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