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My mother often said to me, “Look before you leap.” She was warning me to stop for a second and think before I threw myself headlong into whatever it was I was considering.That’s because out of her four children, I was probably the most impulsive. I can remember a time when I couldn’t have been much more than seven or eight years old. We had been walking along the lakeshore exploring when the time came for lunch.

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If he had inquired about the circumstances and gathered all the information, he would have arrived at a different conclusion.

Some of the confusion could be chalked up to a difference in business vocabulary between the two of us, and some could be chalked up to the fact that this specific situation involved a third party with whom he had a history.

He shows us his lack of regard toward the responsibility he clearly had as the creator of the monster. September 24, 1945, 6 weeks after the atomic bomb attack on that city, the second atomic blast in history. Licensed under Public domain" data-lightbox="media-gallery-1567813931"His greatest mistake is when he doesn't take the time to consider the results of his actions before the initial creation.

He then exacerbates his error by abandoning his creation, like the teenage mother who, upon discovering her inability to care for her child, leaves it to fend for itself.

The fox was very cunning and the goat was foolish who jumped into the well without thinking. The fox tried to reach the water but could not do so.

Sometimes, these hurried acts can lead us to death. My mother was right when she advised that you should look before you leap.In today’s electronic world, it’s far too easy to type a quick message and hit the “send” button before really thinking things through.I recently received an e-mail from someone who probably could have used my mother’s advice.It was from a colleague with whom I’m considering doing business.He fired off an e-mail instead of picking up the phone.It’s always easier to be aggressive when you’re writing an e-mail and not talking to a person.And the ability to hide behind the computer screen often allows us to write things we would never say to a person.For all the efficiencies we have gained from technology, we have lost an aspect of really good communication.Victor Frankenstein provides an excellent example of how not to make decisions.This man ran headstrong into every decision he had to make, without at any point stopping to think about what he was doing.


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