At the same time, family budget realities in this period of austerity have led to shoppers seeking ever-greater ‘value for money’ with the result that small businesses are facing a further squeeze to their margins.

Given that such operators also purchase within an environment in which they do not benefit from the bulk discounts afforded to their larger competitors; this dissertation seeks to devise, with particular reference to independent DIY shops in the Gower peninsula of Wales, a new marketing campaign that will persuade people to pay more so as to be able to buy local.

Overcoming diversity: The marketing of New Orleans as a tourist destination after Hurricane Katrina – an investigation New Orleans in Louisiana was previously a premier tourism and convention destination; the effects of Hurricane Katrina have wrought havoc on the economy of the city.

In the first year after the hurricane, over 100,000 jobs were lost, and the reputation of New Orleans as being problematic in terms of crime plunged even lower.

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Suggested initial topic reading: The remarketing of personal debt as acceptable: A post 1980s phenomenon?

Personal debt and levels of insolvency are at an all-time high.

Suggested initial topic reading: Developing new prices strategies for independent retailers in a period of fuel-based inflation.

The ever increasing price of fuel has a knock on effect for all consumers – not only at the petrol pumps but also with regard to the purchasing of all good s that are transported to stores.


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