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Project Link This project was done as a part of the TARDEC - ARC Project.The project focusses on multi-robot mapping and control for reconnaissance missions in situations where there might be multiple misbehaving agents.In the current context many of the ‘Sikh on Sikh’ issues are a consequence of a) the contested nature of religious authority within the Sikh tradition and / or b) local factional politics which most often relate to personal and familial disputes.

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For Sikhs, ‘1984’ can refer to the events of either June and/or November with activism around 1984 not automatically indicating support for the idea of Khalistan.

Although 1984 remains the main political driver to activism, there are also a number of religious and cultural narratives which also lead to Sikh activism, including instances of ).

In the past few years I have worked on many independent projects alongside my formal education, with projects ranging from full blown formula SAE cars to autonomous swarms of ground and aerial robots.

My goal is to develop innovative solutions in the industrial and domestic automation industries through my combined software and hardware experience.

The Midlands has the highest concentration of Sikh organisations and which impacts on the number of activities, networks, incidents and opportunities to mobilise in this region.

Narratives which lead to activism are transmitted in different ways, through families, organised events, lectures, camps, music and Sikh media (newspaper, broadcast, online and social media).

The report from this project is available to download for free here.

Two events in 1984 fundamentally changed Sikh activism in Britain: The storming of (often referred to as the Golden Temple) during Operation Bluestar in June 1984 and the violence that took place against Sikhs across India in November 1984, following the assassination of the Indian Prime Minister by her Sikh bodyguards.

a robotics enthusiast passionate for industrial and autonomous technologies.

Email me with any suggestions, collaborations, cool project ideas or just to talk!


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