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This difference is explained by the difference of callenders used in Nostradamus time and ours.

Either way, this idea sound very much like the theories of researchers who believe the Gods created humans in their own image and used alien DNA to make us more intelligently advanced.

The human civilization is just a few thousands of years old, according to archaelogy, but legends and myths about the past tells us a lot of stories. Prophetical stories of a war which will destroy the civilization some day. I will try to show quickly in this page that some prophecies have been fulfilled.

His mother also almost died during the 2nd War, even being confounded with dead corpses in Leningrad. The first century also did finish only after the year 100 while the first millennium ended after the year 1000.

So, the end of the 1990 decade, 20th century and 2nd millennium is after the year 2000.

Nostradamus lived during a period when the Julian calendar was used and when the calendar change happened, 10 days were inserted in the calendar, so the day after 4th of October in 1582 was 15th of October.

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This difference of 10 days means that our 9 of August was the 30th of July in Nostradamus epoch. Why did Nostradamus write in our calender - if he knew so much? This prophecy is perhaps the most accurate of our planet if we consider it was predicted near 450 years ago. The king of Angoulmois was the king of France during Nostradamus life.

In 1993, Vinge also noted that biological science will find a way to improve natural human intelligence.

In China, scientists have been developing human genomics for the past decade which could have the potential to improve our levels of intelligence.

In the past year a breakthrough has been made which will see the idea accelerate in the next 15 years or so and will become a commercial product.

The shape of the future may appeal to some people like a living fantasy, but is there a potential for the reworking of the human brain and DNA to make us more docile to the world elite and thus easier to control or will we really become superhuman and make the world a better place to live?


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