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In the opening of the novel Wang Lung has chosen a wife he has never laid eyes on.

We have all had time in our lives where greed and obsession for things to grant our desires can destroy our lives, mainly because we do not always act the way people want us to.

In "The Pearl", by John Steinbeck, Kino's fixation on the pearl and newly found ambitions corrupts his values and directs him away from the normal principles of his people.

The greed and coveting overtook his mind and personality and changed him who he was as a person.

The author showed this throughout the book in many different ways.

Pearl is a living Scarlet A to Hester, as well as Within the novel The Good Earth, Pearl Buck dishes out several themes that not only relate to the specific characters within the novel, but also can relate to almost any person at any point in time.

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Buck's novel was ahead of its' time for it played on the human tendency to inquire as to how other people live in everyday life just as many of today's "reality TV. Humans like to see how other humans The pearl in The Pearl by John Steinbeck shows traits of the characters in their worst moments, but the pearl mostly showed the trait “greed” in Kino because of how his life was before he almost got wealthy.

In addition, moments after Juana tried to throw the pearl back into the ocean, "Kino remains adamant about the pearl's virtue, insisting that it will be their road to salvation.

Juana, however, disagrees, declaring that it will destroy their entire family." Kino is being a fool, when throwing away opportunities to get his family's life on track.

Steinbeck expresses that greed and obsession lead to the events, whether happy or sad, that can determine a person's destiny or the destiny of others who surround him, while also demonstrating the theme of greed through Kino's obsession to make his future better, but oversees the pearl's value, and puts his family's life in jeopardy.

In "The Pearl", Kino is obsessed by the pearl's persuasive powers, which affects everything that he does.


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