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This is another example of symbolism, for it creates the image that Gregor Samsa, the cockroach-like insect, is indeed experiencing the effects of his transformation, due to instinctually wanting to crawl under the sofa, much like a bug crawling under a rock. Early in the morning, Gregor's sister spies him under the sofa as if she was "visiting an invalid or even a stranger" in her own house (Kafka, 107). KAFKA'S METAMORPHOSIS THE USE of SYMBOLISM in FRANZ KAFKA'S "THE METAMORPHOSIS" According to Nahum N. Symbolically, Gregor Samsa, in the guise of a gigantic insect, is "cut off by this mysterious transformation from all community with other men" and does not realize that this transformation will have much impact on his social and professional lives (Gray, 55). After all, Gregor Samsa's family is seated down to an ordinary bourgeois breakfast at the time when Gregor is awakening from his uneasy dreams: this seems like ordinary narrative but it also establishes the centrality of food to bourgeois family life. Therefore, the two stories indicate the aspect of how routine affects the characters lives.

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Jews were treated with disrespect much like Gregor was treated in Metamorphosis.

In the Metamorphosis Franz Kafka uses the vermin, food, and the father’s uniform as symbolism and he also uses the apple and his autobiography to portray symbolism and to emphasize on the deeper meaning of the story.

He used metaphors to show his love for people in his life. They can now control the daughter like they did Gregor. The main theme of the story is the effect of other?

This story is autobiographical about the forces that control Franz Kafka's life. He eventually was forced to become a lawyer, whereas what Kafka wanted was a literary degree. s control on a person such as his relationship with his father, and how his father for controlled his life.

Batson agrees with this assumption, for when Samsa became an insect, he "crossed over an imaginary line to a point where there is no turning back, much like that of any person with a chronic illness," a reference to a period in Kafka's life when he began to experience the symptoms of tuberculosis, such as "insomnia, recurring coughs, night sweats, and similar difficulties" ("Kafka/Samsa," Internet), symbolic symptoms fully experienced by Gregor the insect. "They were clearing out his room, taking away everything he loved," such as a chest and…

When the mother finally finds the courage to confront her only son, Gregor's father and sister try to dissuade her from the idea, and she soon cries out "Do let me in to Gregor, he is my unfortunate son! The key words here are "unfortunate son" which symbolize not only Gregor's arachnid-like predicament but also his position as "a man cut off from society, radically estranged from it in such a way that the distantly sensed door into the open remains blocked. In this paper I will explain how Kafka relates his life to the readers through the story in Metamorphosis. His father wanted him to become a lawyer, but Franz did not want to be a lawyer, he wanted to be a writer. Franz Kafka made his character, Gregor, transform into an insect in the story. Since his family treats the insect like an outcast, that must be how Franz felt about the treatment that his own family gave him. He realized that he was his own person when he could escape from his father? He went to law school against his will, because his father wanted him to go there. Nobody wants to associate themselves with an insect, which is a lowly creature, a pest, or nuisance. He uses this technique to make the reader try and figure out what was going on in his head. Now that his sister is grown up they can force her into marrying a rich man.He brought out in this story many things about his life, including his father/family, love life, and his future. Then they would be well off for a long time to come. Once she is married, she too will then become a pawn, a victim of her parents control.He then took a high paying position with the government of Czechoslovakia in an insurance post. s father had very little respect for him, and Gregor had to work to pay off the family debts. After Gregor dies, at the end of the story, his parents notice that his sister has grown up into a beautiful woman and they feel that it is time for her to get married.What is the importance of symbolism in Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka?The ones that you love the most are usually the ones that hurt you the most.In the very first paragraph of the Metamorphosis, Kafka relates that Gregor Samsa, the main protagonist in the tale, "awoke one morning" and "found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect" with an "armoured-plated back. Biographically, Kafka did exactly this when, as a result of being denigrated by his father, "Kafka refused to take up his father's business, instead choosing his own path" (Batson, "Kafka/Samsa," Internet). Of course, "magic realism" is most closely linked to the so-called "Black Arts" and the practice of witchcraft, both of which rely very heavily on symbols to express thoughts and ideas. Food in Kafka's Metamorphosis Food in Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis serves a narrative function and a symbolic function as well. In this analysis of what he terms as 'fantastic literature,' Sandner looks into the transition of 'realities' in Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis.


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