The Lovesong Of J Alfred Prufrock Essay

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Any revelation about him could bring indifferent rejection.

He is certain that the ladies will not care about "the butt-ends of my days and ways," fearing that when he shares part of himself with another, she will be uninterested in his life (60).

Whilst Hardy often uses time to signify the idea that time has the ability to heal... The idea that poetic forms are sensitive to and affected by the pressures of history is undisputed; yet whether a poet embraces this or challenges it varies.

Gwendolyn Brooks’ poem, The Sundays of Satin-Legs Smith, refers to, alludes to, and shares many commonalities with T. The adoption of a specific form inevitably implies historical concern. There are many overarching themes that can be applied to the different genres of literature. Alfred Prufrock" is the story a man contemplating emergence from his solitude into the world, a man capsized by the fear of being misunderstood. Alfred Prufrock” can be interpreted only by acknowledging that the speaker’s thought process is not consistent throughout...

His self-focus is pathetically ironic because he is mostly unnoticed by the ladies at the tea party.

He wonders if he will dare "disturb the universe" and show his true self, but twice a brisk couplet slices his monologues (47).He confesses that he is, "[a]lmost, at times, the Fool" (119).Eliot also utilizes different character allusions to contrast meaningful lives with the insignificant life of J. The women in the poem talk of Michelangelo, a genius whose varied masterpieces have earned him immortality.John the Baptist was murdered because he had the courage to tell a king that he was living corruptly. But Prufrock imagines that revealing his true self to others would kill him, so he will not.He is "no prophet" because he has not the courage (83).Human nature is inherently chaotic, and one of the few ways in which we can attempt to order our lives is by sharing our grievances and concerns with others—hence, our need for art. In reaction to the superfluous and lush styles of preceding Victorian and... Alfred Prufrock" begins with an epigraph from Dante's Inferno. An underlying, general disgust for the opposite sex is one of the sentiments shared by writers Virginia Woolf and T. The modern crisis of authority revolves around the recognition that current versions of traditional authority are no longer credible or reliable. Despite their evident similarities in style, Eliot criticizes Shakespeare's Hamlet in his essay Hamlet and His Problems,... Alfred Prufrock" is at once a comic poem as well as a trenchant satire on the low aspects of urban life. Eliot is considered one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century and his poetry was greatly influenced by Dante Alighieri. Poetry, as a genre of literature, is broadly defined as “The art or work of a poet”, or “Imaginative or creative literature in general” (Oxford English Dictionary). Alfred Prufrock", Eliot picked up the hopelessness - hopelessness motivated by a sense of... Translated, it reads: "If I thought that I was speaking/ to someone who would go back to the world,/ this flame would shake no more./ But since nobody... Such a dramatic shift in perception cannot be effectively realized in the safe, florid writing of La... Prufrock's Social Anxietyby, Anonymous April 15, 2005Though the poem is specifically about Alfred Prufrock, it embodies the idea that every modern person struggles with these social barriers at some point in life. Its speaker, a man going bald and self-conscious about his every gesture, represents a sexual as well as spiritual... Alfred Prufrock" is a typical romantic ode to the wonders of love, as the title may suggest, is quite far from the truth. Eliot's introduction to Dante was in his college years at Harvard, where he studied philosophy. With a definition so broad in context, poets are able to conceive their own... And would it have been worth it, after all After the cups, the marmalade, the tea, Among the porcelain, among some talk of you and me, Would it have been worth while To have bitten off the matter with a smile, To have squeezed the universe into a ball... To the contrary, this poem enters the straggling mind of J. Twenty some years after the death of Gerard Manley Hopkins, T. The introspective Prufrock is afraid of being exposed at the tea party because he does not see himself as a worthwhile individual.He fears that the ladies will mock his thin hair (symbolizing an unimpressive mind) and his thin arms and legs (symbolizing an unimpressive body).


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