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"I understand the concern," he confessed to Rolling Stone at the time. 'The Assignment' is an embarrassment all around, a murky, regrettable piece of gutter cinema.

Next year’s Razzie Awards race starts here." Screen Crush critic Matt Singer: "The film’s concept of transgendered life could be out of a 50-year-old exploitation film; if "(Re)Assignment played more like a spoof of vintage pulp and less like a tacky rehash of it, that choice could have worked.

It’s tough to say if Hill did it all deliberately, yet it’s also equally tough to be bored by the results whether you like them or not." The Guardian critic Benjamin Lee: "When films are not just bad but incompetent, incoherent and incomprehensible, you start to wonder whether an actual human being was in charge or if a group of monkeys was given free rein on a soundstage for a month and this is what they produced. No." He skirted the real question, though: Is it worth seeing?

Such is the case with [re]Assignment (previously Tomboy), a B-movie in which the b stands for bad, a film made with such staggering idiocy that it deserves to be studied by future generations for just how and why it ever got made." Newark Star-Ledger critic Stephen Whitty: "Nor is it enough to excuse a pulpy picture that uses transgender issues for a cheap plot gimmick. To which the answer is a total, and decisive, not on your life." Detroit News critic Adam Graham: "It’s not just that the subject matter is unsavory, it’s that everything about 'The Assignment' (originally titled 'Re-Assignment') is generic and lazy.

Hill said the initial idea for "The Assignment" came in 1978 when screenwriter Denis Hamill wrote the story, then titled "Tomboy," and sent it to him.

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"I was fascinated by it, it was very different," Hill recently told Business Insider.Fortunately, the film is far too dumb to cause any offense, except perhaps on good taste, but Hill wants it to be clear his film isn’t political, having the speechifying Rachel pontificate at one point about proper art being able to stand on style alone. Not a return to peak form for veteran Hollywood helmer Walter Hill, this cheesy Canadian indie contraption was picked up at the Cannes market for a TBA U. It’s the director speaking clearly through one of his characters, but if Hill wants us to simply consider '(Re)Assignment' based on its aesthetics, he has clearly overestimated what he has brought to the table." Variety critic Dennis Harvey "With trans issues recently having entered mainstream discourse, certainly not every fictive treatment need be as nuanced as Oscar-nominated 'Transamerica' or Emmy-winning “Transparent.” Still, nobody — not even viewers willing to settle for good, unclean B-movie fun — is done any favors by something as crude as '(re)Assignment,' which gracelessly mashes together hardboiled crime-melodrama cliches and an unintentionally funny 'Oh no! "I instantly thought it could make a movie, but I was very busy at the time." A hot commodity in Hollywood at the time, Hill forgot about the script.But 20 years later, he went back and optioned it from Hamill.Instead, it just comes off as clueless — about gender as well as filmmaking, which shouldn’t be possible from the man who directed "The Warriors," "48 Hrs.," and "The Driver." Some moments are so baffling — like the scene where Frank randomly adopts a dog and then says 'Now I have a dog!' in his hardboiled voiceover — that "(Re)Assignment" could easily become a future so-bad-it’s-good midnight movie favorite." Playlist critic Kevin Jagernauth: "Given the subject matter, there may be some questions about how delicately or not the film handles its transgender lead character. "The Assignment," formerly called "(Re)Assignment" when it premiered last fall at the Toronto International Film Festival, has been described by critics as "absolutely batshit insane," "incomprehensible" and an "embarrassment." Read 7 of the worst reviews below.Collider critic Phil Brown: "Brazenly tasteless and ridiculous, there are plenty of reasons to dismiss and dislike the latest feature from action movie pioneer Walter Hill.He hired another screenwriter and the two went at developing the story."It didn't come out very well and I abandoned it and let the option return to Denis," Hill said.


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