Thanksgiving Essay Lesson

Thanksgiving Essay Lesson-44
There are two versions of the origins of this holiday.

It used to be a religious holiday to give thanks to God.

It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November every year.

As much as it is essential to keep everything “business as usual,” it is tricky.

We teachers are just as excited as the students for all of those things.

The school is buzzing with excitement for various reasons…mainly a 5-day break.

Fall conferences have ended, the second quarter is in full swing, and the winter holidays are also right around the corner.Here are some: Using similar characteristics as brainstormed for the compare and contrast essay, the students choose one of the pies and describe it in-depth.They could also describe both pies in two different essays (or the same).The final option is to have the students choose one pie as their favorite and write either a persuasive essay persuading people to include this pie (and perhaps only this pie) at Thanksgiving or an opinion essay declaring their opinion of which is the best and all of their reasons why.Click here to grab the brainstorming page and three different Thanksgiving themed publishing or drafting papers. The family leaves all of their possessions and on a wing and a prayer, take a boat across the ocean to America.It is a dangerous and scary journey, but after much time at sea, the family arrives in America.On December the 4th, 1619, a group of English pioneers arrived at a place called Berkeley Hundred, in Virginia.The group made a promise that the day of their arrival should be a "day of thanksgiving" to God.Here are the choices I give my students: The students can choose to compare and contrast the pies.As a class, you may want to brainstorm a list of characteristics to compare and contrast to move them past superficial comparisons.


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