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Example of one winter with two major stratospheric sudden warmings, simulated with a fully-coupled chemistry-climate model.Researchers have quantified the contributions of industrialized and developing nations’ historical emissions to global surface temperature rise.

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Reflecting this principle, the Paris Agreement establishes common commitments, for example to global net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in the second half of this century, while allowing flexibility in mitigation efforts to accommodate different national capacities and circumstances (United Nations ).

Considerable research has been devoted to assessing how national contributions to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change might be quantified according to differing allocation schemes of responsibility and combinations of anthropogenic climate forcers (UNFCCC ).

Study of Earth processes over millennia demonstrates that both the land ice volume and ocean volume respond to global mean surface temperature (IPCC ).

Two time periods were investigated for removing annual emissions traced to major carbon producers.

Sensitivity tests examined three sources of uncertainty: (1) climate sensitivity, (2) lack of available data on aerosol emissions from fossil fuel combustion that could be directly traced back to individual carbon producers, and (3) removal order of carbon producers.

Sensitivity tests evaluated the nonlinear feedback between thermal and carbon parameters using the low and high range of equilibrium climate sensitivity and transient climate response (.These include individual high emitters regardless of nationality (Chakravarty et al. They also include the major multinational fossil energy companies at the base of the carbon supply chain, who to date have no responsibility from marketed products under existing policy regimes, but whose prospective responsibilities are receiving growing attention in scholarly, policy, institutional investment, legal, and public spheres (Leone ) emissions can be traced to the products of a small number of major industrial carbon producers; 83 producers of coal, oil, natural gas, and 7 cement manufacturers.While recent investigations have addressed the question of how national responsibilities might be shared between producers and consumers of carbon-intensive products (Davis and Caldeira , GMST, and global sea level (GSL).The understanding and quantification of natural climate variability in the Earth's system from seasonal to multidecadal time scales is essential for more reliable future climate predictions.Together with volcanic activity, solar variability could be an important external source of natural climate variations, superimposed on the human-induced warming since the late twentieth century. Wenjuan Huo (Scientist)whuo(at)Ioana Ivanciu (Ph D student)iivanciu(at)Başak Kisakürek Ibsen bkisakurek(at)Dr.concentrations would be directly relevant to impacts such as ocean acidification, while GMST correlates closely with many terrestrial and ocean impacts. Calibrated with historical observations and fully coupled global climate models, they can provide robust output to characterize global atmospheric CO), and GSL.This approach allows for natural and anthropogenic forcings to be included or excluded to test the relative contributions from anthropogenic emissions at policy-relevant levels of uncertainty.Hansen, Felicitas (Ph D thesis Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel 2015; Scientist 2010-2015) Kadow, Christopher (student helper; Diploma thesis Freie Universität Berlin 2011) Dr.Kemena, Tronje (Ph D thesis Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel 2017) Kinzel, Julian (student helper; Master thesis Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel 2013) Dr.Key factors affecting the relative contribution of nations to emissions and global mean surface temperature (GMST) increase include the emissions dates, and whether land-use change and forestry, non-CO).Outside of the domain of the UNFCCC, broader societal discussions have begun to consider the climate responsibilities of non-state actors.


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