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They are both similar in that they are social media platforms and that anyone can make an account and connect with people they know in real life and also stay up to date with celebrities and other famous people.They both mainly revolve around text and words with pictures and videos optionally included. Most people, especially of the younger generations, use Facebook for staying up to date with family and distant friends.This multimedia archive on digital storytelling shares the results of a multi-campus study of student learning and digital storytelling in humanities classrooms.

Writing on the internet has a much more casual style than writing an essay or academic article.

There are still lots of variances of the writing style that is commonplace on each social media platform.

The Georgetown University Digital Commons is a place where Georgetown students, faculty, and staff can explore new and innovative online tools for communication and collaboration.

Browse the Commons for lots of useful information about web 2.0 tools in your classroom.

This is one instance of similar methods of communication being used in very different ways.

Facebook and Twitter are two of the most frequently used social media sites.

Slide Share is the world's largest community for sharing presentations.

Slide Share is the best way to get your slides out there on the web, so your ideas can be found and shared by a wide audience.

People tend to post many updates of their lives, from graduations to new jobs to marriages. While the writing here is still very informal by most standards, it seems to be slightly more formal than the writing on other parts of the internet.

People use mostly complete sentences and usually aim for correct grammar and spelling, even though it is not always accurate.


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