Symbolism Essay On The Lottery

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Still, the lost meanings of the tradition have in many ways made that tradition more powerful, because you can't question a tradition once it has moved beyond reason to simply the way things are done.

The method of execution at the end of the story is certainly not an arbitrary choice.

These are traditions which are often difficult for those who are not hurt by them to see clearly and that stories like “The Lottery" help to illuminate.

In addition, a woman being the one chosen by the lottery is important.

Many of the first Christian martyrs were stoned to death and serve as a symbol for the innocent being executed.

Symbolism Essay On The Lottery Research Paper Prospectus Sample

In addition, the story of Jesus stopping a stoning with the words “He who is without sin cast the first stone" is one everyone knows at least indirectly.

This made her someone who had a lot of reason to find the longstanding traditions to be just as vile as those traditions in "The Lottery".

Whether this was segregation, the lack of free voting rights or any of the many other traditions which still exist primarily because they have always existed.

This phrase, while never said in this story, is hard to forget after reading it.

One of the reasons that stoning was used in the past as well as the reason that it is important in this story is that there is no single executioner.


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