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Instead, characters dress freely, move dramatically, and pose sensually!To me, a queer man, it feels like an incredibly queer show in a way I haven’t seen anywhere else.

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I saw Jonathan Joestar, the diesel-jacked gentleman rip out of his clothes more than one time, changing into increasingly skimpier wardrobes every other two episodes.

I saw vampire extraordinaire Dio Brando dress like an idiot steampunk wizard as he poisoned his foster dad before rejecting the prospect of upper-body clothing entirely (also he turned a dude into a dog at one point? Despite the absurdity of it all, these two men weren’t afraid to cry, afraid to show affection, or even afraid to feel afraid.

Needless to say, invitational rhetoric is driven by the principle of equality, which eliminates patriarchal bias, which is evident in traditional rhetoric theories The authors’ arguments regarding invitational rhetoric are mainly based on women’s communication; as a result, a feminist paradigm is created.

Invitational theory encourages women to utilize their efforts in advocating for transformation in systems of oppression (Foss and Griffin 16).

Another critique facing the Foss and Griffin article is the fact that they depend on gender, especially in their discussions concerning invitational rhetoric, which fosters the feminine style of communication.

In addition, this article insists on the need for communication to be persuasive.They were the most hyperbolised masculine pieces of meat I’d ever seen and they were . I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that the men (and the women) of Jo Jo carry masculinity in non-conforming ways.Then Battle Tendency aired right after and Joseph and Caesar wore make-up and crop tops. They defy the cis-heterosexual prisons of how mascs are ought to approach body language, fashion style, and presentation.In that light, I welcome any addendum, comment, and critique made for whatever reason!Disclaimer: I’m not making JJBA out to be in any way revolutionary.In addition, the invitational theory aims at expanding communication options.Rhetoric is defined as persuasion; the authors believe that persuasion is necessary.You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. [This article has been translated into French by @Cornwall Boar ]When I first watched Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure in 2012, I wasn’t out yet.Rhetoric is mainly referred to as persuasion, “traditional rhetoric theories occur within pre-imposed or preconceived frameworks, that are reflexive and reinforce the vocabularies and tenets of those frameworks,” (Foss and Griffin 13).In addition, these theories attempt to impose change on individuals by using persuasive means.


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