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This essay aims to also explore how expectations placed upon returned soldiers was shaped by the influence of pre-war gender roles as well as the emergence of the culturally mythology of the ANZAC legend and how both these forces influenced the public and private behaviours of returned servicemen.For example how returned servicemen were , but he went into more detail, making it a major theme of the film.In 2005, Australia will commemorate the 90th Anniversary of the Gallipoli campaign and the forging the ANZAC tradition.

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Gallipoli - The Anzac Legend The Anzac Legend is the source of the Aussie Fight and bravery that will live on for future generations to understand and to acknowledge their courage and bravery.

Some would say The Anzac Legend all began when Britain declared they were in need of help and it was Australia’s duty to go to their aid.

Use source A and your own knowledge from your studies to explain your answer. The pictures show the soldiers to be battered, not well organised, and not very motivated but always smiling.

The pictures promote the idea of the 'Anzac Legend', therefore the archetypal virtues of an Australian soldier which were born through the idea of the ingenious, practical Peter Weir’s 1981 film Gallipoli can in every sense of the phrase be called an ‘Australian classic’.

Janine Shepherd, a woman who beat the odds and learnt to fly aeroplanes after doctors said she would never walk again and Louise Sauvage, a Paralympic gold-medalist in several wheelchair identity from these wars.

The recurring theme of Anzac throughout these memorials raises several questions about a country that so values the events that transpired at the Gallipoli shore in defining what it means to be Australian.What does Anzac Day, Remembrance Day The following essay will discuss the strengths and limitations presented by Richard White (Images of Australia) regarding the factors that have contributed to the making of the Australian national identity.Focussing the essay on the Anzac legend, this essay will be approached and supported with the appropriate supporting evidence and as this paper proposes that the answer is based on opinion, the use of some non-academic references will be Gallipoli?These qualities have come to represent the Anzac legend.However, some would say the Anzac legend is based on defeat.In discussing, the Anzac legend there are many different views on the topic of describing the Anzac legend and why has it been an important part of Australian identity. From the moment the Australian and New Zealand soldiers landed at Anzac cove, the soldiers established the spirit of mateship, courage, loyalty, bravery, sacrifice, heroism, dedication, honour, integrity, initiative and determination throughout the Gallipoli campaign as they battled against daunting odds. However, it does not only represent that Hellish war but all wars that Anzac soldiers have participated in.The creator of the Anzac legend, official historian Charles Bean, was inclined and responsible for what many Australians heard about their imperishable 'diggers' (an Australia who never quits under hardship), but the Australian states rather than one country.It took the events of 1915, in particular that of the 25th of April in Gallipoli, to create the bond from Australian to Australian and the patriotic pride that we still share today. The construction of this legend was due to the words of the media and authority figures.The larrikiness of the Australians was shown by their lack of discipline and disregard for the people of Egypt.We saw this in the movie when Frank Dunn and his mates caused trouble by harassing owners of shops and playing pranks on others and paying for prostitutes.


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