Solving Uniform Motion Problems

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If you are trying to find the displacement make sure you do not use the instantaneous speed instead of average.

306 Institutions have accepted or given pre-approval for credit transfer.

Units 6, 7, and 8 may seem more abstract than the earlier ones, as you will deal with expressions that contain mostly variables and not too many numbers.

While the procedures you will master in these units might seem to have little practical application, you have to keep in mind that they result in formulas that describe very real situations in business, accounting, and science.

The subject of algebra focuses on generalizing these procedures.

For example, algebra will enable you to describe how to calculate change without specifying how much money is to be spent on a purchase-it will teach you the basic formulas and steps you need to take no matter what the specific details of the situation are.

If the answer does not make sense, try doing the problem again.

Example 1 – The Lazy River has a current of 2 miles per hour.

This introductory mathematics course is for you if you have a solid foundation in arithmetic (that is, you know how to perform operations with real numbers, including negative numbers, fractions, and decimals).

Numbers and basic arithmetic are used often in everyday life in both simple situations, like estimating how much change you will get when making a purchase in a store, as well as in more complicated ones, like figuring out how much time it would take to pay off a loan under interest.


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