Social Work Case Study

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Process Recordings Provide 2-4 pages of verbatim process recordings that involve the actual dialogue between you and your client during various clinical encounters and sessions (i.e.

Link to Deepening Our Craft February 2017 JSE TOC Jones Merritt Brown Davidson Nulliner Smart Walden Winges-Yanez JSE February 2017 General Issue PDF Social workers have been considering the implications of sustainability for social work theory, practice, and education for more than two decades (Hoff & Mc Nutt, 1994).

Case Study Face Sheet To be used as the first page of case study papers, the Face Sheet summarizes sociocultural information for both you and the client.

Introduction State the purpose of your paper, including the particular psychological theory you are using.

Until sustainability initiatives like the ones described here are successfully integrated into all aspects of social work education, it is important to offer focused opportunities for students to have exposure to and experiment with sustainability-related concepts.

This paper explores the potential for a case study assignment in a Master of Social Work (MSW) program to help make explicit connections between sustainability concepts introduced in the classroom and the practical application of these concepts in a wide range of social work practice settings.Describe the client's mental status, physical appearance, and style of relating.Note current and prior contact with mental/behavioral health, social service, and/or legal systems.Articulate treatment goals and interventions both in Agency-based language as well as within your one chosen theoretical paradigm.Support your statements with citations from the literature and include a list of these references at the end of the paper.In 2010, the theme of the 56 Annual Program Meeting of the Council for Social Work Education (CSWE) in the U. was “Promoting Sustainability in Social Work,” featuring more than 25 lectures, workshops, and other sessions directly related to sustainability in social work education and practice.Presentations addressed all levels of practice and introduced topics relevant to many different contexts, including global human rights policy (Hawkins, Norton, & Noble, 2010), international graduate education (Decker, 2010), critical indigenous pedagogies (Trinidad, 2010), sustainable practice in gerontology (Mudd & Eastridge, 2010), and the role of youth mentoring in promoting social sustainability (Jones, Keller, & Ossowski, 2010).The following sections provide a description of the class and the assignment, discuss the elements of case study that make it a compelling approach for this project, and introduce the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3.1, a sustainability assessment and reporting framework that students used as one frame of reference for their analyses.Then, abridged versions of three student case studies from the Winter 2012 Sustainability and Social Work class at Portland State University are presented to illustrate the potential value and versatility of the assignment for teaching social work graduate students about sustainability.Mary (2008) suggests that social workers are uniquely positioned to catalyze changes to support more sustainable practices and policies: As one of the only professions charged with environmental as well as individual change, social work should take a lead in these kinds of dialogues at the community, national, and global levels.We have expertise, in both micro and macro systems, in bringing various interest groups to the table to confront problems and, through dialogues and consensus, to design a strategy to address them (p. Jones (2010) believes an action-oriented approach to social work education can provide transformative experiences for students that highlight the importance of understanding ecological systems and the potential negative impacts of degrading those systems on human and community health and wellness, as well as the urgency of integrating environmental concerns in social work practice settings.


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