Small Business Benefit Plans

And, since no one wants to leave a company with good benefits, it improves retention and decreases the cost of turnover and training new employees.

Given that most small businesses fail within 10 years Offering an employee benefits program is a great way for owners to invest in their business.

Employees are looking for employers who provide coverage – it’s a reason to join a company – so small businesses that have an employee benefits program can attract more productive employees.

We’re proud to say small employers are a big part of our business!

There are some basics when it comes to having a competitive employee benefit package.

But businesses with fewer than 50 FTEs are not subject to the mandate. Forego health insurance to save money and risk losing good employees, or offer health benefits and possibly hurt the company’s bottom line?

Neither of these options would be good in the long run.

Some benefits are required by law, while others are pretty much expected by today’s employees.

By knowing what should be included as standard employee benefits, you can create the best benefits package for your employees.

There are many different types of products and plans to offer, as well as packages and discounts.

By working with Guardian, you’ll be able to create custom, cost-effective benefits solutions that fulfill a variety of needs for your small business clients.


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