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Naked Objects supports the dependency injection pattern as pioneered by the Spring framework.

Naked Objects does not depend upon Spring; we tend to use Spring in our deployments to look after dependency injection between components of the overall architecture; but the Naked Objects framework has its own automatic mechanism for injecting dependencies into domain object instances.

I am not entirely unsympathetic to their stance and I certainly think a good UI helps, but without a sound domain model a fancy UI is worthless.

The same cannot be argued for the reverse (I know since I've developed a few such apps, a good few of which were deemed a success and are still in operation today).

We argue that all three of those pieces of information are natural properties of the domain object, scattering that information across multiple screens and/or controllers is a bad idea.

By placing it where we have the information is picked up and interpreted by any of the different UIs in a form that fits that style of UI.The shame of my arrogance (mixed with some naivety I concede) to think that I may be the first out there to strive for, well not so much a Silver Bullet, but well, just something better for such architectural commonality. thesis, written a few years ago when I was still trying to get to grips with proper OOAD/P and . The same curiousity that got me intrigued by VS Light Switch had me interested in Naked Objects, that is a sound belief in DDD; the presentation, data (service and whatever other) layers are simply scaffolding for the domain.Richard Pawson coined the term Naked Objects when he had the vision of exposing domain objects to the UI (OOUI). Get the domain correct, your app from a business representation perspective will be correct.For those not familiar with earlier versions, Naked Objects is an open-source Java-based framework that takes a POJO domain object model and turns it into a complete, executable application.It auto-creates a user interface that is a direct reflection of the domain model, offering the option of either a rich-client interface or a pure HTML interface as shown below (you can view both on our online demonstration application); and it auto-creates a persistence layer using Hibernate.Is there a tool that would create a Form or Control for prototyping this class?So, no sooner had I blogged about VS Lightswitch (I mean literally the next morning) I discover that there is a whole architectural pattern out there that tackles the problem that I have been considering developing a framework for - Naked Objects.AJAX is another obvious direction, and we know that Dave Crane, author of the best-selling ' Ajax in Action' book has been experimenting with Naked Objects.There is an obvious synergy between Naked Objects and Hibernate.The advantage is that Naked Objects both requires and facilitates the specification of very pure domain object models - and this results both in higher agility (ease with which future changes in requirements can be accommodated) and also in far greater levels of re-use.At the DSFA in Ireland, where we have implemented a set of large scale mission-critical applications using Naked Objects (2.0), we aimed for 90% re-use of the business code between applications; for one significant new application we achieved 98% (meaning that we replaced an application that had 50,000 lines of bespoke business code with one that contained @Member order tells Naked Objects where the Email Address field should be rendered in relation to other fields.


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