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The business model lays out what the company plans to offer in the marketplace, its marketing plan, and financial projections that ultimately show ongoing profitability.The business model for a restaurant needs to contain some basic elements specific to the restaurant business, such as menu choices.A good business model for a restaurant includes projections about population growth and potential future expansion of the restaurant's customer base.

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The executive summary essentially provides an overview of the rest of the document.

It summarizes the contents of the business plan for readers, giving them a glimpse of what they should expect to find within the business plan and thereby helping them save time.

The first element for creating a restaurant business model is determining the restaurant's unique value proposition.

The value proposition for a restaurant is a statement of what the restaurant offers customers that is not available at other dining establishments in the area.

Part of restaurant marketing may include revenue-generating activities, for example, offering additional services such as catering.

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If you take a look at any business plan, the first section you will come across is the executive summary.Because of this, the executive summary should be clear and concise, and interesting enough to entice the reader to dive deeper into the business plan.Since it provides the reader with a glimpse of the rest of the business plan, the executive summary is often regarded as the most important section of a business plan.Menu choices may be the focus of a restaurant's value proposition, for example, if the restaurant intends to offer an ethnic cuisine that is not available at any other restaurant in the area.In any event, a restaurant's menu has a significant impact on its ability to attract customers.Already, there are a number of high end commercial and residential developments coming up in the neighborhood.The development of a state of the art mixed use estate in the nearby Bayside neighborhood is also well underway.While a unique value proposition is essential for any business, this is especially true for a restaurant that must compete daily to attract patrons over other restaurants.There are many potential options for a value proposition for a restaurant, such as menu choices, affordability, service, and atmosphere.In the example, we are going to use a fictitious business named Pronto Lounge and Restaurant.The future looks promising for Queens Borough in Manhattan, particularly the Bay Terrace Neighborhood.


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