Research Process And Terminology Paper

Development research is focussed on relevant, useful and important questions.

If there are no questions, there can be no research.

Some studies are conducted to find answers to very specific questions.

For example, the Department of Agriculture may want to find out whether maize or pumpkins are the best crops to grow in a particular area as part of a poverty alleviation project.

In addition to providing statistics, research provides you with real life experiences that are more convincing than statistics organised into graphs and tables.

For example, parts of a research report on poverty in a rural community can deal with actual case studies that will have a great impact on readers.

Research is organised because there is a planned structure or method used to reach the conclusion.

Research is only successful if we find answers, whether we like these answers or not.

Research helps to clarify and strengthen beliefs especially in the face of opposition and doubt from others.

Whilst research can confirm your views, it is important that the researcher remains open-minded and impartial even when the results fail to confirm your views.


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