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It deals with such problems as triangulation, construction of a convex hull, the defining of the belonging of one object to another one, the search of their intersection etc.It operates with such geometric objects as a point, a segment, a polygon and a circle. Calculus theorems: Calculus is a branch of mathematics that deals with the research of functions and their generalization by the methods of the differential and integral calculus.

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Proof theory is a branch of mathematical logics where the phenomenon of mathematical proof becomes an object of algebra or arithmetic.

The proof is usually presented as the structure of data, such as plain lists or trees, up to the hypothetic extremely complicated structures or machines which are constructed according to the axioms and rules of the logical systems.

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Homology Theories Homologies are one of the basic notions of the algebraic topology.

As a result of their addition to the set of rational numbers, there is a set of real numbers.

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