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If you are finding it difficult to write a research paper, don’t think twice before opting for help.

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You can’t write a great research paper without preparing an outline.

Professional writers treat the outline as the backbone of a research paper.

The reader, in turn, benefits from the outline in the form of a complete and detailed table of contents. Indeed, that is exactly what you are expected to do—to make assertions that are supported by concrete examples and specific details. Here is a sentence outline of the research paper on Grigori Rasputin: : After six decades of being judged a demoniacal libertine, Rasputin now deserves to be viewed from another point of view–as a man who was intensely religious, who passionately desired peace, and who was deeply devoted to his family and friends. Expect complications, and your outlook as you tackle your paper will be healthily realistic.

The conventions of formal outlining require that main ideas be designated by Roman numerals (I, II, III, IV, and so on). If you have not been diligent in gathering specific facts about your topic, this deficiency will now be painfully obvious.

Source- https:// Smart tips to prepare the outline: The abstract gives a brief overview of the research paper, explains the main argument, presents the main research question, and highlights the importance of the research.

You should never include citations or footnotes in it.

The sentence outline uses a complete sentence for each entry. If that should happen to you, simply change the outline while being comforted by the thought that it has happened at one time or another to every writer.

It is also customary to omit introduction and conclusion entries. Detractors called him a satyr and charged that his depraved faithful were merely in awe of his sexual endowments. For example, you could begin by drafting an outline and find to your dismay that the actual paper you write turns out to be considerably different from what you outlined.

Sub-ideas branching off from the main ideas are designated by capital letters (A, B, C, D, and so on). Notice that every subdivided category must have at least two sections because it is impossible to divide anything into fewer than two parts. (1) (a) The basic principle remains the same: Larger ideas or elements are stacked to the left, with smaller ideas or elements to the right.

Subdivisions of these sub-ideas are designated by Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, 4, and so on). An outline that divides the subject into three or four levels—that is, down to examples or details—generally is adequate for most college research papers. The logic of an outline requires that each entry be based on the same organizing principle as another entry of equal rank.


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