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If after putting all the above tips into practice you still have difficulties writing the research methodologies chapter for your dissertation, consider obtaining professional dissertation writing help.This will enable you to complete this section with ease and even get assistance with other parts if necessary.

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Dissertation & Research Methodology Help: Part 1Your methodology section is essential in helping your audience understand the various steps of your research project.

The methodology you choose is in large part based on your research question and goals.

However, the arguments should be linked back to the dissertation research question examples stated earlier on in the paper.

In the methodology chapter, discuss ethical issues related to the design of the study.

Highlight Methodological Limitations and Ethical Considerations Choosing the best research approaches for your study requires clear understanding of the benefits and demerits of different methods.

It is vital that you tell readers why you chose a particular research technique over another.

Provide Justification for Your Chosen Research Approaches For clarity, it is important that you justify to the readers why you chose to use the stated research techniques and how they help you answer your dissertation research questions.

If your research methods were influenced by past studies, it is important that you indicate this when justifying your choice.

Our knowledgeable dissertation consultants can help you choose a methodology that is "doable" and appropriate for your study.

Dissertation & Research Methodology Help: Part 2Your research methodology should match your questions and hypotheses.


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