Reflection On A Clinical Skill Essay

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Hence, I want to develop skills such as becoming an independent and self-directed learner in order to succeed as a student nurse.I also need to demonstrate key skills in order to prepare myself to become a registered nurse.My life as a student nurse is challenging since I have to balance family life with work and my studies.

I also have to ensure that care received by my patients is evidence-based.

In addition, I have to achieve the competencies required by the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s (NMC, 2008) code of conduct. My training in the past has been in accounting and business and my career shift brings some challenges. While I am passionate with my new role, I am also aware that becoming a nurse requires extensive training and study.

An action plan is presented at the end of the essay to demonstrate the learning aims and activities needed to achieve these aims.

These are needed to prepare the author in her future work as a registered nurse.

While I was able to witness how nurses communicate with patients of different ethnic backgrounds, I am aware that this would not be easy in actual practice.

I also feel that I need to develop skills on how to deliver patient-centred care this is holistic.An individual’s learning preference is influenced by motivation, cognitive style, attitude, personality and a student’s stage of development (Cassidy, 2004; Biggs and Tang, 2007).On reflection, I have to consider my own motivation and cognitive style in order to become a successful independent learner.I also have to prepare myself to become a future healthcare practitioner.For instance, I have to acquire skills to meet the physical, psychological, spiritual and social needs of my patients.Portfolios of artwork, Online Design, photographic and museum exhibits have been produced in recent years.Many courses contribute to the strong artistic heritage underpinning Medical Humanities.At times, I am worried if I would be able to acquire all the skills needed to become an effective nurse.For instance, I feel that communicating with patients with different ethnic backgrounds could be a challenge.Reflection allows student nurses and healthcare practitioners improve current and future nursing practice by learning from one’s experiences (Bulman and Schutz, 2013).This essay aims to present a reflective account on my role as a student in health education and as a future healthcare practitioner.


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