Quoting Text In An Essay

The punctuation mark used to indicate a repetition of another author’s work is presented through quotation marks.

(Single worded quotations can often leave the largest impression on the assessor.

This is because you are able to demonstrate that you can focus on one word, and develop an entire idea around it.

Conversely, an essay with no quotations will not achieve many marks either. Quotations are a ‘support’ system, much like a back up for your ideas and arguments.

Thus, you must be selective in how much you want to quote.

There is no general rule in Australia regarding which type of inverted comma you must use for quotations.

Single inverted commas are preferred in Australia as it follows the British standard.Your assessor will not mark you highly if the bulk of your paragraphs consist of long quotations.You should aim to keep your quotations less than 2 lines on an A4 writing page.Phrase quotations Sunil Badami ‘still found it hard to tie my Indian appearance to my Australian feeling,’ showing that for Sunil, his culture was not Indian, but Australian due to his upbringing.(This is the most common quotation length you will use in essays.Remember that the essay is piece of work and should consist mainly of your own ideas and thoughts.Single word quotations The word ‘evaporates’, used to characterise money and happiness intends to instill the idea that happiness as a result of money is only temporary.The discussion on quotations in this study guide can be applied to all three areas of study in the VCAA English course which have been explained in detail in our: Ultimate Guide to VCE Text Response, Comparative, and Language Analysis.A quotation is the repetition of a group of words taken from a text by someone other than the original author.The usage of quotations in essays demonstrates: As you discuss ideas in a paragraph, quotes should be added to develop these ideas further.A quote should add insight into your argument; therefore it is imperative that the quote you choose relates intrinsically to your discussion.


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