Public Education Versus Private Education Essay

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It is also the place where the freedom of parents to educate their children as they would see best fit is strictly condemned (Blumenfeld 22).

The government has formulated several rules and regulations which ensure that parents take their children to either public or private schools which meet their standards.

Private schools and public schools Private schools and public schools share various similarities and differences.

Both are means of dissemination of education and are homes for earning.

Private schools are able to execute more effective and efficient educational policies and programs and can take on better teachers owing to strong financial backup that itself is generated through heavy students tuitions.

In contrast to private schools, public schools are funded by government treasury and have little sources to finance the more modern and effective education policies and methodologies.

Private schools provides flexible programs and students and their parents can opt from variety of options.

Another indirect advantage that contributes toward the overall efficiency of the private schools is the minimum role of state bureaucracy as compared with the bureaucratic nature of public schools.

Their morals, character and behavior are influenced by the strong dose of medicine administered to them by psychologists.

Such graduates therefore find it difficult in to make it in their adult life due to the limited knowledge and skills which they posses.


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