Psychosynthesis The Will

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Since his time, Psychosynthesis has been developed into an integrative approach to growth and healing.

Its aim is to help us discover our true spiritual nature, then to effectively utilise this discovery in everyday life.

This awareness creates choices for us; if we use our Will and act on these choices, we can be free from previous patterns and open up to new experiences and ways of being.

In psychosynthesis, The Will is central to psychosynthesis.

Without dogmatism or prescription, Psychosynthesis addresses both personal and spiritual development, honouring the unique creativity and path of each individual, their place in the world and in relationship.

Psychosynthesis is a practical system that integrates principles and techniques from many approaches to personal and spiritual growth.I am trained in Psychosynthesis Psychology at the Institute of Psychosynthesis in London. It was developed by Roberto Assagioli (1888-1974) who was influenced by Freud’s ideas of the lower unconscious where childhood hurts and traumas can be repressed, but felt this was an incomplete model of the human being.He pioneered psychosynthesis, influenced by Jung’s idea of the collective unconscious, bringing in the idea of the superconscious, which is above our normal level of conscious awareness.Psychosynthesis is applied in many different areas of life, not just in counselling and psychotherapy, and the primary aim is to apply Psychosynthesis to whatever areas of life our deepest inner sense of values leads us.Doctors, social workers, teachers and business people of all types train in Psychosynthesis and it is respected in many different areas of work.Whilst this is one of its applications, Psychosynthesis is in fact a lot more than that and is applicable not just in therapy but in all levels of education, business, in social and economic arenas, in healing, parenting, medicine in fact, all areas of human activity.We have moved into a new world where each individual has their own unique way of perceiving and interacting with the world based not only on the past traumas and so on that were experienced during childhood, as is presented in the Freudian world view.Our approach to Psychosynthesis includes cutting edge practices for personal and spiritual development whilst closely following the original intention of Roberto Assagioli, the founder of Psychosynthesis, to include both psychological theory and the best from both Western and Eastern Mystery traditions. we shall discover in ourselves hitherto unknown abilities, our true vocations, our higher potentialities which seek to express themselves, but which we often repel and repress through lack of understanding, through prejudice or fear.’ Psychosynthesis restores soul as the central focus of our work, and honours the dark side of our nature as equally part of the soul’s journey as is the light.A deeper sense of meaning and value is revealed, which creates a psychic environment (or ‘field’) in which both individuals and groups of people are enabled to make decisions about who they are and what they want.Psychosynthesis brings together the two traditions of psychology and mysticism.Psychology is then infused with a sense of soul and meaning, whilst the mystery traditions benefit from the grounding and reflective qualities of psychology.


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