Problem Solving Using Linear Equations

Problem Solving Using Linear Equations-89
This is shown in the examples involving a single person.If the age problem involves the ages of two or more people then using a table would be a good idea. In 20 years, Kayleen will be four times older than she is today. Write one of the equations so it is in the style "variable = ...": We can subtract x from both sides of x y = 8 to get y = 8 − x. Write one of the equations so it is in the style "variable = ...": Let's choose the last equation and the variable z: First, eliminate x from 2nd and 3rd equation.

This is shown in the examples involving a single person.

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The ratio between A’s age 4 years ago and B’s age 4 years hence is 1:1.

When the digits are reversed, the number is increased by 27. I know it’s an easy one but still you should read it at least twice. Rearranging and simplifying the second equation in the form “y – x = 3” and solving both the equations we get, x = 2 and y = 5 Now let’s check once are we getting the right answer if x = 2 and y = 5 then the original no. But, today in this blog, we will be focused on only one type of problems i.e. These problems are very confusing and the language is a bit complex and we end up usually making up errors in the formulation of the equation.

So, I’ll discuss and try various different type of questions on this concept that will give you a thorough understanding of how to form Linear equations and solve them.

Let’s now move on to an example and I will illustrate you how to use these steps to formulate linear equations. So, we use x for tens place and y for units place and as given x y = 7 Also, it’s been provided in the question that when we swap the digits of original the no. if x is on tens place and y on units place then the original no. Since, Linear equations has wide range of application such as problem on ages, numbers, time, speed and distance problems, Time-work problems, Functions, Arithmetic Progression etc.

Consider this, The sum of digits of two-digit number is 7. Let’s read the question several times and note down all the key points and translate them into mathematical equations. would be 10x 1y And if we swap the digits then y will be now at tens place and x at units but the new no. This means, 10x 1y = 10y 1x – 27 We are left we 2 equations and 2 unknown we can solve it using elimination method. In fact, it can be used anywhere where a relationship is defined for some unknown value and our aim is evaluate those parameters we can make use of it.


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