Persuasive Essay On Why Fast Food Is Bad

Infrequent visits to fast food joints might seem to be ok to you but if you look at some real-life consequences, it might change your perspective and propel you to take appropriate actions. [Negative visualization] Binging on the fast foods is like poisoning your body and ruining your health. Most people think that eating fast food occasionally will not affect their body, but it does affect on a long run, consider a smoking habit, does it cause lung cancer immediately? If you keep eating fast food, you are prone to suffer from diabetes, cancer and other complications. Imagine how big a Big Mac is, if you eat those, you will become obese slowly and steadily. [Positive visualization] Fast food can be easily avoided if you make right choices with your eating habits. Imagine yourself being physically fit and healthy, you get praised for your fitness and toned body B. Second, I elaborated on the best way to avoid fast food. Lastly, I helped you visualize the outcomes of following my solution. [action step] Do not get into the addiction of fast foods. Make a plan and make a list of foods of your choice that are healthy. " Fast Food: Oppression through Poor Nutrition." California Law Review, vol.

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If you want to argue the facts of how damaging fast food is to the consumers, the best place to start is pointing out that most of the products are not even real food ingredients.

The reason why food items at fast food restaurants are extremely cheap is because they are GMO (genetically modified organisms).

In the beginning, fast food was a great concept as it was assisting with helping everyone (even in poverty) eat on a daily basis.

Now, major business minded individuals have taken the care of help and health out of the equation.

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The power of money is now more important than anything, and that can be the foundation of your argument.

So, consider these ideas for composing an effective argumentative essay on fast food and you’ll have a great start.

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