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So why else do I want to study psychology at university?Well there are four main reasons, the first one is simple, I like to understand human behaviour, actions, and interactions.

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In my opinion to be successful as a psychologist, a person must have certain personal qualities and strengths, one of the most important ones being emotionally stability.

This is something I have in abundance, a solid emotional footing that allows me to handle the stress and emotional turmoil that can come from communicating with unsettles individuals.

There are a large number of careers in psychology, not only that the skills you learn will also readily transfer to many other careers.

These skills include oral and written communication, computer literacy, numeracy, problem-solving and the ability to carry out independent research.

At the start you will learn the fundamentals of what it takes to become a psychologist, building on from this you will explore it’s more detailed aspects.

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Towards the end and in the final year you will consolidate and extend what you have previously learnt and also focus on studying the latest discoveries in psychology.My final reason for wanting this role is because it will get me into a job where I can talk to people directly, ideal for me as at heart I’m a people person.I will be working directly with people who have problems that I can help to resolve, and very often I will get an opportunity to see the results of my work.It is a fascinating subject that will give you a good idea about what motives people, why things are done and what makes us who we are.You will learn how to use a number of approaches to answer these questions as well as clearer understanding of scientific methods, statistics and research methodology.Other forms of assessment will include being involved in practical research classes, producing technical reports and also giving oral presentations.Career prospects Obtaining a psychology degree is the first step towards becoming a chartered psychologist.The ultimate aim of a psychology degree is to prepare you to work within a multidisciplinary healthcare team, providing your patients with the best care by assessing and treating their psychological needs.Psychology degree course overview Studying psychology at degree level will you a window into the workings of the human mind.Below is a professionally written psychology personal statement that has been broken down into sections, and that you can use as a guide. Psychology personal statement example 1 ‘What’s on your mind’, for me this frequent query sums up what psychology is all about.The subject has been described as a window into the human mind, and my initial interest in psychology was sparked by thinking about issues like this, and subsequently led to a desire to learn more about people, society and their interactions.


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