Personal Expereince Essay

Therefore, about experience everyone can talk and talk and never finish talking.

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Although, when I immigrate to Canada I left there all my friends, my home as well family.

Even though I had my mom by my side I was missing my friend and my family.

In my whole life I have gained and still make new experiences.

I learnt how important is to listen other people and how to make a difficult decisions. When my dad past away I was very close to my grandfather, in fact he took a place after him.

My mom owned her own in home day care in which we depeneded ontermendusly.

In reasoning because she never got to graduate, ...That was my hard decision but now I know that was right decision because after few months my brother past away.So making decisions is not that easy especially if someone have to decide between people that are very important for this person.In other words, his death taught me that listen other people is very important, even when this person is telling stuff that are boring.Definitely, if I only listen it would be great beneficial for me. In addition I could make money to buy something for myself and I was not asking my mom for money.That year when my grandfather died my mom did surprise for me telling me that I am coming to her for vacation to Canada. Obviously, summer comes to the end and I had to back to Poland, my mom was thinking to stay me here in Canada.I was so happy, because I knew that I will see her after one year that she left me and my brother. But she gave me permission to make decision by myself if I want to stay in Canada or back to Poland and then she will back after one year to Poland.That was so hard to do it, because I had to choose between my mom and my brother who was in Poland. Moreover at the airport when I was after the passport examination and I saw my mom from far away I started to regret my decision.Afterward, while I was sitting in the plane I felt that my heart is broken but I was thinking that my brother is in Poland and waiting for me.In this case I was only 13 year old and for me that stuff was boring.In fact my friends were more important than to listen to him.


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