Penalty Saves Lives Essay

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Good or bad actions, all humans have emotions and can feel pain; at somewhat the same level.

Individuals who do not agree with the principle of human dignity are in support of the death penalty.

The principle of human dignity attempts to portray a message to lead individuals to believe that ending someone’s life says, a person doesn’t have any worth or value left.

Individuals should never lose their respect for human dignity.

So, in regard to the death penalty, morality can define what justice may to be in a criminal punishment.

Individuals who believe it is morally right to put an individual to death over a horrendous crime support the retentionist argument for the death penalty.The government is considerably more in favor of the death penalty because of the costs.It is much cheaper in today’s economy to eliminate the criminals with the death penalty rather than to pay for them to live their entire life in prison.The human dignity argument has the idea that human dignity should always be reserved.Human rights are given to an individual when born should be modified when committing crimes but never forfeited.The principle of human dignity is an argument in abolishing the death penalty.The principle of human dignity presents an argument that gives all individuals equal rights regardless of decisions made in a criminal act.There are many factors that morality support the death penalty.Supports are in favor of taking the life of someone who committed a horrendous crime; a life for a life.The principle of human dignity is an argument that a human being, in virtue of just being a human or person has intrinsic worth.This argument means that a human being is a human being and should always be treated as one.


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