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This perfect balance between the Augustus and the people (and between the people themselves) contributed to Augustus success in creating reforms and improvements throughout the empire.Augustus successors, although somewhat different in many ways, preserved the way of life Augustus had put into practice.

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Nowadays, you cannot open the paper without reading about a hostage situation in Russia or a bomb going off in the Middle East.

I am a firm believer that the ends justify the means. Elections were rigged and the citizens really had no political power.

You cannot speak pessimistically of your ruler to his face.

Secondly, Aelius Aristides is living in Greece during a time of peace.

By binding together these leading magnates in a coalition, he eliminated the prospect of civil war.

The Pax Romana was not immediate, despite the end of the civil wars, because fighting continued in Hispania and in the Alps.

Nevertheless, Augustus closed the Gates of Janus (a ceremony indicating that Rome was at peace) three times, first in 29 BC and again in 25 BC.

The third closure is undocumented, but Inez Scott Ryberg (1949) and Gaius Stern (2006) have persuasively dated the third closure to 13 BC with the commissioning of the Ara Pacis.

The "Time of Happiness" (as the Romans called it) continued; Roads were built, aqueducts and bridges were constructed, and a stable currency was maintained without depreciation.

By limiting themselves to minimal expansion, the Romans were at a point where they could stop thinking about expanding the Empire and instead star thinking of ways of improving the quality of it.


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