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At the sheet's edge, fluid flows outward along bounding rims that collide to create fluid chains. This is normally done during the junior year or the first semester of the senior year. Because the career objectives of undergraduate mathematics majors are so diverse, each undergraduate's program is individually arranged through collaboration between the student and his or her faculty advisor.This new initiative was based on MIT's "MITx" project, announced in 2011, and extends the concepts of OCW by offering more structured formal courses to online students, including in some cases the possibility of earning academic credit or certificates based on supervised examinations.

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MIT also stated that it would allow students (including, but not limited to, its own) to become better prepared for classes so that they may be more engaged during a class.Formal education or not, you’ll find that he or she is a product of continuous self-education.If you’re interested in learning something new, this article is for you.These resources provide open access to education resources that can be used free of charge in teaching, including open access textbook that students can use at no cost.Please note any attribution requirements of each resource. Take a look at any widely acclaimed scholar, entrepreneur or historical figure you can think of. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in a college classroom or a coffee shop. Those people who take the time and initiative to pursue knowledge on their own are the only ones who earn a real education in this world.A problem is that the creation and maintenance of comprehensive OCW requires substantial initial and ongoing investments of human labor.Effective translation into other languages and cultural contexts requires even more investment by knowledgeable personnel.This organization organized volunteers to translate foreign Open Course Ware, mainly MIT Open Course Ware into Chinese and to promote the application of Open Course Ware in Chinese universities.In February 2008, 347 courses had been translated into Chinese and 245 of them were used by 200 professors in courses involving a total of 8,000 students.


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