Outline For Research Paper On Social Networking

Outline For Research Paper On Social Networking-77
According to Patricia Greenfield, Facebook is one of many sites that lets people build online profiles, talk to each other privately or publicly and share different types of media like pictures and videos (Greenfield 121).Facebook has also become very popular among people of different age groups.People can use Facebook for many different reasons: to meet new people, to talk to people you used to know and to keep up to date with each other.

Greenfield stated that“Eighty percent of those surveyed reported using the Internet to maintain existing friendship networks.

Participants who communicated more often on the Internet felt closer to existing friends than those who did not” (Greenfield 126).

Because society is communicating over the internet, it is much easier to develop and build old and new relationships.

But, there are also some negative aspects of talking to people online that you do not know very well.

It is not like you are seeing the same thing over and over again; instead, new content generated from your friends and connections is being updated constantly.

This new content is what draws people in to keep them checking up on their friends.

While social networks like Facebook allow people to be more sociable and expand their relationships, this type of communication can have problems related to privacy and safety.

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In modern times, people are interacting in many different ways, some by telephone, some by E-mail and some by chatting networks.

Every day, people are using the computer to talk with one another and social networking sites are a big reason for this.


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