Outcasts Of Poker Flat Essay Questions

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From behind a tree came his new wife, a girl named Piney Woods.

He also showed him an old log house just off the path.

Let them know that they will be viewing portions of the PBS documentary The West to better understand the sources of both kinds of writing, and to see where the accounts of the historical events originate and where they diverge.

Extension Have students write a short story using vernacular speech they are familiar with. What does colloquial dialogue add to a work of fiction?

Objectives Estimated Time Necessary Materials Teaching Procedure Assessment Recommendations Recommended Resources Relevant National Standards Objectives Students will: Begin this lesson by discussing with students the term, "historical fiction." Ask them to provide examples from their own reading of books that exemplify the genre.

How do writers of historical fiction get their information?Finally, each student will select a work from contemporary Western literature to read and analyze in depth.In their final assignment they will compare the perspective of the author of their work with the writers read in the first part of the lesson. The music took on a defiant quality, a quality of resistance.Grade level: 7-12 Overview In this lesson, students will read selections from the works of Bret Harte, Owen Wister, Zane Grey, and Willa Cather.What is factually true and what is truly fictional about these works?Also ask them to define the genre "romance." Ask students to name works that can be characterized as "regional" writing and works that include "dialect" or attempts to reproduce regional speech patterns. Discuss the influence of publicity and advertising in promoting the sale and reading of new books. Still, they could see smoke rising from the warm fires in the houses down below in Poker Flat. But the little group of outcasts tried to keep up their spirits. She said, “Give this to the young ones.” In a bag was all her food. John Oakhurst began to think that none of them would live out the storm. I need to find us some help.” At that time of year, daylight did not last long. The two women were too hungry, weak, and cold to even add more wood to the fire. Under a tall tree a playing card was stuck into the wood by a knife. And Tom Simson pulled a small accordion from his pack. But the outcasts had to listen to the sad cries of their mostly empty stomachs. At midnight on the tenth day, Mother Shipton called Oakhurst to her side. She turned quietly to the wall of the log house, and died. He guessed it would take Tom at least two days, if not more, to get there. And that is the way they were found the next morning when help arrived from Poker Flat. The rescuers from town said that they had been right to force the outcasts to leave Poker Flat. He handed in his cards on the seventh of December, the same year.” Oakhurst sat there, cold and still. A single bullet from a small hand gun nearby had ended his life. The snow had continued to fall and was deeper than ever. He gave Tom Simson a pair of snowshoes and asked him to try to walk back to Poker Flat for help. The Duchess and Piney were surprised, and frightened, when Oakhurst also turned to leave. They passed the stormy night holding each other close. On the card was written: “Beneath this tree lies the body of John Oakhurst, who had some bad luck starting the twenty-third of November, eighteen fifty.


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