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The results of the five year-long study from Glasgow were published in the latest issue of the journal Nature.

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A single whole slide image can be a gigabyte or larger in size.

ON THIS PAGE: You will read about the scientific research being done now to learn more about osteosarcoma and how to treat it. Doctors are working to learn more about osteosarcoma, how to best treat it, and how to provide the best care to children and teens diagnosed with this disease.

A Washington State University research team has developed a drug delivery system using curcumin, the main ingredient in the spice turmeric, that successfully inhibits bone cancer cells while promoting growth of healthy bone cells.

Embedded at the end of chromosomes are structures called "telomeres" that in normal cells become shorter as cells divide.

A new compound that targets a receptor within sarcoma cancer cells shrank tumors and hampered their ability to spread in mice and pigs, a study from researchers at the University of Illinois reports.

Despite significant advances in cancer research, the disease continues to exact a devastating toll.For information about these and other studies, visit the Children’s Oncology Group website or the U. Your doctor can provide additional details about the availability of these diagnostic tests or treatments or others that are being studied.Also, your doctor can provide details on whether they are appropriate for your child.As the shortening progresses it triggers cell proliferation arrest or death.Cancer cells adopt different strategies to overcome this control mechanism that keeps track of the number of times that a cell has divided.Between two and three percent of all childhood cancers are osteosarcoma.Because osteosarcoma usually develops from osteoblasts, it most commonly affects children and young adults experiencing their adolescent growth spurt.In one of the first successes of its kind, researchers from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and six other institutions have inhibited the spreading of cancer cells from one part of the body to another. Christoph Jansen There have been clear statements from regulatory bodies that have increased the pressure on pharmaceutical companies to go electronic with their records and ensure a high level of data integrity in all areas of the pharmaceutical industry.Steven Lazer Digital pathology is the viewing, analyzing, and managing of digitalized pathology slides with computer technology called whole slide imaging, or WSI, which generates a tremendous volume of data.A similar incidence of the disease exists in Europe.According to the Children's Oncology Group (COG), the survival of children with osteosarcoma has remained at 60-65 percent since the mid-1980s.


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