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Heard anything about the Organic Foods Production Act?

It is a program based on federal regulations concerning the organic standards applied in farming.

If you do not believe me look at the numbers according to an article in "Newsweek" since 1991 the purchasing of organic food has raised twenty percent.

Organic food is better because it is healthier, better for the Earth, and is better quality food. 1.) Regular farmers use chemicals that kill the entire natural organism that help the soil release the soils nutrients into the plants.

As a result, after reading this article, you get all the knowledge on the topic to answer the question “Is Organic Food Really Organic? Moreover, you know what exactly will make your essay stand out from the others.

Everybody is jumping on the organic food bandwagon. There are many other reasons why organic food is better. A.) It is gown in natural soil so Mother Nature grows the plants like a garden.

2.) Farmers that use chemicals make animals that burrow the earth not do their part in nature, which will effect root development and drainage. a.) if a distributer of regular foods forgets to wash off pestisides the consumer could get food poising II.) Organic food is better for the Earth. A.) The Organic farmers must follow stricter regulations then regular farmers.

A.) There are no pesticides that can pollute the Earth or the ozone lair. 1.) Farmers get help from nature to make their food. 1.) The regulations for organic farmers must make sure that any soil, holding center, or packing utensils must not have any trace of chemicals to make sure it is certified organic.

So there are much more chances to write a good essay on the topic, “Is Organic Food Really Organic? Additionally, if you follow some effective ways of writing, you’ll get considerable success. For a start, you should understand the term “organic” to address in your essay on the given topic.

In general, it means that no chemical pesticides, antibiotics, or fertilizers are used in an environment where a product develops.


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