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Do you think she or he would think you did a good job with your homework if you copied it from a website?

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study groups) and know that students can look up answers using other resources.

We have no problem with that, as long as each student's submission reflects their own understanding in the end. Copying the answer from a solutions manual is considered plagiarism, even if it's from another university's website.

Although I participate in some such fora, I feel that they have a major tendency to be too explicit in their help; you can read further thoughts of mine here.

You may post questions asking for clarifications and alternate perspectives on concepts and results we have covered. So the point of homework is not to solve the task but to learn how to solve the task.

I have told all subsequent students not to google the HW answers because there are wrong solutions out there.

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I'm not too sure about whether or not checking your answers once you've done the work yourself is unethical, however.He simply wrote on my printout: "Did copying from X help you learn anything? She had missed classes due to a death in the family.I tried to explain the assignment to her, but it didn't sink in.So, I shared a hard copy of my code, as I had expected her to read my code, and try to understand how it worked. So, she learned nothing beyond how to also get an F on a coding lab assignment. Ideally, your professor should have a policy about this. (It get's adapted a bit for each course, based on things like whether or not there is a textbook, or whether the course has TA's.) Homework Policy: You are welcome to consult each other provided (1) you list all people and sources who aided you, or whom you aided and (2) you write-up the solutions independently, in your own language.My F did not get changed, and I agreed with him on his decision. If you seek help from mathematicians/math students outside the course, you should be seeking general advice, not specific solutions, and must disclose this help. I don't intend for you to need to consult sources (books, papers, websites) outside your notes and textbook.That's a gray area for me that someone with more experience in academic misconduct might be able to help cover.If you get a solution from another school (or a previous year, as questions are often reused on problem sets), it's no different than getting a solution from another student in the same section who happened to finish the problem first.Most professors accept that the internet exists - we know you can look up other people's answers.It used to be that fraternities had giant files of old homework and exam answers for this purpose (maybe they still do). Make a genuine effort to answer the problems yourself first.If you take a shortcut not only is it unethical but you cheated yourself out of your actual goal!What your classmates do is irrelevant, they won't be there with you in your career when you need to call upon these skills. Did this additional material help my understanding where there was some lacking or did it make the question substantially easier where I will lose the benefit of working out how to solve the problem myself? Either the policy is, "Do your homework however you like, and the teacher will grade it to let you know if you got the right answer," or the policy is "Homework is a graded assessment that is used as part of your overall course grade.


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