Of Mice And Men Loneliness Essay

The name of the closest town being Soledad, we understand that loneliness is some kind of vicious circle, because on the ranch they are already lonely, and going to town to fight that loneliness wont help since its called "Soledad". Middle When they find it, they are the happiest people.

But what makes the others different is the fact that Crooks does not have anyone to talk with, the others atleast have one person to talk to.

Crook’s actions along with not having any friends show why he must be the lonelinest character.

The men sit in the bunk house, talk and have fun on occasion. Crooks tries to explain to Lennie in the shed why he is lonely.

“ A guy goes nuts if he ain’t got nobody.

Crooks reads very much to suppress his loneliness and to When Lennie comes into the shed a conversation arises between the two.

Introduction Loneliness In Of Mice and Men Loneliness is an inevitable fact of life that not even the strongest can avoid.The characters in this novel are intrigued yet envious of the special friendship shared by George and Lennie because they do not have that in their life.All the characters are extremely lonely and unhappy with their lives (except Slim, who is the only character that seems to be confident and happy with his life), and none of them can escape this unhappiness.This causes even more misery in the remaining friend, and forces the friend to start searching again, which is a hard process, because the person has taken the habit of his friend and being comfortable in his relationship, and opening towards others is harder.One of the most important lessons we learn in Of Mice and Men is that Friendship and human interaction are two very valuable things, and that having them is as much as a right as it is a privilege, that we much treasure as it keeps us away from loneliness.George and Lennie - A friendship " Of Mice and Men " by John Steinbeck is a novel involving two extremely different main characters.George is a reasonably intelligent, hardworking ranchman.This is showing Lennie exactly how Crooks is feeling. The reader now becomes aware of Crooks terrible loneliness Readers can infer Crook’s loneliness by the way he acts.There are many signs throughout the novel that support this.Don’t make no difference who the guy is, long’s he’s with you...I tell ya a guy gets too lonely an’ he gets sick'; (80). Crooks is forced to explain that he needs someone to talk to.


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